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2004 Fishing Reports


Snapper have been the big talk of late with reports coming from all over the bay. Carrum has been producing snapper to 4.5kg in 19-21 meters of water. Black rock in 15 meters and down past Fawkner beacon has also been going well.

Trout to 3kg has been caught at Eildon pondage, and the lake has produced some yellowbell to 4kg in the delatite arm.

Lake Eppalock has been producing yellowbelly to 2.5kg and some smaller Redfin.

Lake Bullen Merri has produced some good salmon trolling Tassie Devils on the surface.

Lake Dartmouth has produced Trout to 2kg on local Gudgeons.


Three members of the club headed up to Lake Eppalock last weekend to chase after the Yellowbelly
with some great results.The fish were caught on stumpjumpers and fatwrap lures.
Three Yellows scooped with one hooked fish         Mark with a nice 9lb 14oz yellowbelly

   Tim & Mark with 2 nice yellowbelly			Tim with a nice 9lb 4oz Yellowbelly

                         Allan with another Yellowbelly to 5lb 


Photos of our previous Khancoban Trip where all anglers caught and released fish over the weekend

This is one of our clubs measure only competitions where the comp is fished by length and not weight and members often release most of their catch for the next time we go back, and hope they are alot bigger.

  The group at Khancoban        After removing the boats      58cm Brown trout in tank

  Allan with a 56cm Brown       Florian Cleaning his catch      Snow on Mount Kosiosko

  Tim with a 52cm brown       Brian and Conway chasing fish   Allan & Shane hidding from rain

  Al & Shane in the rain       Brain Blethyn landing a brown    Weigh in on the sunday



Greensborough and District Angling club had there presentation night last saturday night and was very well attended by more that 80 people. The new club angling champion and Club member champion was Russell Conway with a Fantastic year and only missing 5 competions for the year. The champion Junior angler was Graeme Neilson and he was also the champion Junior club member. There were some close results for the year with one of our newer members Florian Karwacki giving Russell a run for his money for the championship.

The results for the year were as follows


*Champion Club Member (Snr)……R Conway
* Champion Club Member (Jnr)……G Neilson
*Champion Angler (Snr)…
1/ R Conway (83pts) ;2/ F kawacki (55pts) 3/ A Moore (51pts)
*Champion Angler (Jnr)…
1/ G Neilson (14pts) 2/
*Freshwater Aggregate……
1/ C Knight (11.1kg) 2/ A Moore (9.17kg) 3/ R Conway (5.89kg)
*Saltwater Aggregate………
1/ R Conway (25.01kg) 2/ T Phillips (20.93kg) 3/ P Campbell (17.72kg)
*Presidents Trophy………Linda Bussey
*Ken Jones Trophy………Florian Kawacki

*Heaviest Snapper In Comp……Brendan King 4.56kg Snapper vs Police
*Heaviest Trout In Comp………C Knight (3.2kg Brown Trout) Bullen Merri
*Heaviest Trout Out Of Comp……
D Rowlands (4.26kg Rainbow Trout) Pondage
*Heaviest Freshwater Fish In Comp…C Knight (3.2kg Brown Trout)
*Casting Champion……. Tom Phillips
*Johnsonville Bream Comp……R Conway (1.67kg)
*Heaviest ANSA Point scoring fish In/Out Comp…
F Saunders (1.19kg Brown Trout) on 1kg line = 119pts


*Heaviest Bream In Comp (Allan Moore);
A Moore (1.23kg Bemm River)
*Heaviest Aust Salmon In Comp (D Rowlands)…
T Plummer (2.38kg Bemm river)
*Heaviest Saltwater Fish In Comp By Female (C Knight)…
G Bam (.980kg) Bemm River
*Most Meritorious Capture Melb Cup Comp.(V Lesniauskas)..
C Knight (2.12kg Brown)
*Murray River Sheild Heaviest Native Fish (G Bussey)…
A Moore (3.79kg Yellow Belly)
*G.D.A.C V`s Deepdeene Surf ( J Whitfield)…
F Kawacki (.670kg)

*N.A.F.A Perpetual Trophy By Fines Master (J Dafilis)
Crazy Conway & Hapless Hayton for their effort at Warnambool trying to retrieve there boat in 40 knot winds, flooded river and no idea why they were even out there.


Reports of good fishing have been a bit quiet due to the weather

Portsea back beach has reports of Australian Salmon to 1kg on pippie and blue bait

Tambo and Nicholson rivers are fishing slowly but the fish which are caught in the nicholson are of good size to 37cm

Eppalock has reports of Carp to 8lb being landed in close to the banks on corn

Eildon lake has the odd trout to 3lb on trolled Tassie Devils or Cobras

Eildon Pondage has fish to 2lb being caught on Power Bait and Scrub Worms.

Yarra river at docklands has a few Bream landed to 800grms on sandworm.


Following are some of the photos from our Johnsonville trip when we fished the Tambo River and the Nicholson river

  Brian & Gail Bam waiting      Carl recieving a trophy for    Hally with a 37cm Bream
                                  heaviest bream of 1.2kg

  Russell waiting for a bite   Russell weighing in his Bream   Tim & Heather having a Latte`

  Mark landing another Bream

Photos from the June long weekend at a very cold Bullen Merri

         Allan with a nice trout                      Tim with an Atlantic Salmon

      Live bait tank of fish           

                               Allan with our fish


Reports from Eildon have been of good trout to 5lb in the big river arm trolled on Tassie devils and loftys

Lake Bullen Merri has been hit and miss at the moment with alot of small Atlantic Salmon and Quinet salmon around. The odd fish to 1kg is being caught trolling but you need to work hard for them.

Lakes Entrance has Bream and Taylor going well on most baits

Werribee river has been producing bream to 34cm on worm

Kilcunda has been producing Salmon to 35cm on blue bait and pippie


Reports have come in over the last week from all over

Pinky Snapper have been caught off Black Rock on dusk, with almost any bait or lure

Flathead and squid are being caught of safety beach in good numbers

Excellent snapper fishing of Merimbula with the Watsonia RSL fishing club having an excellent trip there last week

Lake Fyans has been producing a few redfin and trout under a float on Mudeyes

Surf fishing off the rocks at Phillip island has produced snapper to 2kg and the odd salmon

The Eildon pondage is producing trout to 2 kg on lures

Kilcunda has been fishing well with salmon being caught on the run in tide.


Reports of whiting along the Mornington Peninsula have been coming in with sizes to 40cm near safety beach

Reports of Snapper at Corio bay and whiting at Queenscliff but are a bit hard to find.

Whiting have also been in good numbers out from Werribee with some good sized fish amongst them.

Reports of Salmon to 2 kg at the heads being caught on lures.

Reports from Western Port are saying that a few Elephant fish are being caught now but should improve alot in the next few weeks

Port Albert has been fishing well with reports of good sized Flathead, whiting and Gummys. The whiting have been around the Basket Beacon and the flatties in the channel, with gummies just outside the entrance.

Bemm River reorts have been good with reports of good luderick and bream in the lake, flatties in the channel and estuary perch up the river. The entrance is closed

Bullen Merri has been producing trout and salmon to 4 lb on lures under a downrigger


Snapper have been caught in the bay out deep in 21mtrs off Mornington with fish to 4kg

Salmon and Kingfish have been caught in good numbers off Mornington pier.

Whiting have been caught in the weedbeds out from werribee in 4-5 mtrs of water.

The docklands have been producing bream on soft plastics among the pilons

Whiting have been caught around Brighton in close on the wed beds

Salmon fishing at Robe has been excellent with Salmon to 5lb being landed

Western port has seen alot of pinkies being landed but alot are undersize.

Reports have come in from Corio Bay at geelong with whiting and the odd Snapper landed

Bemm River is fishing well with Luderick and Bream in the lake and Estuary perch in the river and channel.


Greensborough Angling Club had a competition at Forges Bend on the Murray River over the long weekend,but the fishing was a

bit quiet.Allan Moore landed a Yellowbelly to 3.8kg and 1 at 1.78kg, there was only two other fish landed that were size.

All in all it was a very social trip with family`s enjoying the camping and atmasphere down on the river.

The tempreture over the 3 days was in the low thirty`s so it was getting a bit warm sitting in the boats.

Following are photos of the weekend at Forges Bend Yarrawonga

   Pat hooking up a cod          John and Brian deciding       John Battista had a swim
                                    how to catch them          trying to catch this cod

   A night around the fire       Afternoon under the tent    Allan & Mark chasing yellowbelly

Fishing Reports have come in from club members from all over the state this week.

PortPhillip Bay has produced good whiting and squid arond the Portsea area

Snapper reports from Westernport near Rhill have come in with snapper to 8kg

Mallacoota has had good catches of Flathead to 3.5kg

Bemm River has produced Bream to 2.0kg and Estuary Perch to 3.0kg.There has been some good trevally and flathead

caught in the channel.

Lake Eildon Pondage has produced some 1kg Trout and a Yellowbelly to 2.8kg

Lake Eppalock has been quiet except for only a few Yellowbelly to 2kg landed from the bank.