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2006 Fishing Reports



Greensborugh members have been fishing out from Stkilda with hit and miss days. Bagging out one day only one or two another.

Carrum out deep in 19 mtrs of water has been the hot spot with good fish to 7kg being landed on silver whiting, pilchard,couta and garfish.

Westernport has been producing good gummys, flathead and snapper near middle spit on pilchards and silver whiting.

Corryong has some large carp around as well as plenty of pan sized trout.

Portsea has good bags of whiting and leather jackets

Pinkies to 42cm off Black Rock on soft plastics

Tootgarook has good whiting to 800 grams on pippie and squid.

Avon River has bream to 36cm, luderick to 38cm and the odd carp amongst them.



Here are some extra photos of the clubs trip to Khancoban in NSW.



Photos from one of our members who is at Christmas Islands CLICK HERE (pdf files)

Members of the angling club have also been fishing out of Williamstown landing Pinkie Snapper to 48cm on soft plastics.

Portsea / Queencliffe are producing large amounts of calamari to 2.5kg

From the heads up the channels they are full of couta to 40cm

Eildon pondage is producing Brown Trout to 4lb on mudeyes.

Lake Eppalock is still quiet with very little water.



Greensborough Angling club had there annual trip to Khancoban pondage in NSW. The trip was attended by 14 members and all had a great time. All arrived by the Friday night and prepared for the next days fishing. Most of the fish caught were Brown Trout with only 2 Rrainbow Trout landed. The Saturday morning was very cold and icy with the fishing was good until 9-30 when it went dead, with Tim Plummer measuring 5 brown trout to 57 cm by 9-00 we all though it was going to be a good day. The Saturday ended up producing 16 trout with the biggest 57 cm. The Sunday came along and it was not as cold with an overcast day. 12 fish were landed by 12-00 when the total lengths were measured up and the biggest fish was 61 cm caught by John Whitfield and weighed 2.12 kg. The overall placings for the competition was 1/ Tim Plummer (3505mm) 2/ John Whitfield (1730mm) 3/ Russell Conway (1480mm). Many fines came out of the trip and a couple of members should take there cheque book to the next meeting to pay for there indiscretions.

                     Con Knight fighting a good Brown Trout                                John and Glen heading in after a long day



Greensborough Angling club had a trip Lake Tyers over the weekend and the fishing was again a bit on the slow side. The largest fish caught were Tailor which were schooled up thick under the power lined as you head up the Nowa Nowa arm. The best meathod was using a deep diving large lure in any colour. The fish were mostly 900 grams in size and fought well. The flathead were hard to find but were eventally located up the Toolaloo arm below Burnt Bridge. These were landed on drop shot soft plastics retrieved very slowly. The average size of the flathead were 38cm in length. There was very little wind, no rain which meant for great weather. The Salmon were very hard to ind with a strong side current affecting the guys trying to fish of the beach.


Greensborough Angling club had a trip to Venus Bay where the club caught Salmon off the beach and caught alot of estuary perch on soft plastics in the Tarwin River upstream of the bridge. 8 members travelled down there and had a great weekend, although a bit cold in the mornings. The winner was Russell who came back to the weigh in with a bag of Salmon to overtake Tim who had estaury perch. The salmon were caught on pippie and the guys also had a soft plastic on the top hook which also proved affective. Al and Tim who fished in the Tarwin river used soft plastics to catch the estuary perch that were schooled up but not very big. Average size was aprox 30 cm in size.


Greensborough Angling club had a trip to Venus bay for the long weekend with quite a few fish being weighed in. Most guys headed to the estuary to have a fish but it took a while for everyone to see where they were going due to the fog. A few headed to beach No 4 and caught only smaller salmon to 350grams. A couple headed upto Tarwin lower to fish the river which was quite dirty but there was quite a few estuary perch landed to 33cm but mostly around the 30 cm. All in all it was a great social trip for the club and look forward to going back again.


Fish have been biting in the Glenelg river on soft plastic and hard bodied lures.

Pinkie snapper are going well off Black Rock on Watermelon soft plastic lures

Whiting are biting well of Queenscliff on pippies and mussels

Gummys and snapper biting around Elizabeth island in Westernport

Lake Eucumbene has been fishing well with Trout being caught on trolled lures or scrub worms on the bottom un weighted


Members of the Greensborough Angling club had a trip to Bemm river on the long weekend and returned with some good fish. Bream to 900 grms, some Estuary persh caught from the river on soft plastics and also some flathead cught from the channel on soft plastics as well.

Large Salmon are being caught at Port Phillip Heads, and pinkies are plentyfull around Williamstown and Blackrock on Watermelon soft plastics

Western port Bay is firing up with the elephant sharks being caught in the elephant triangle, as well as some good size gummy sharks as well in the same area.

Bream to 32 cm have been caught from the Tambo river fishing in the snags



Flathead are in good numbers at Bemm river in the channel on soft plastic lures

Flathead are also in good numbers off Werribee

Western Port Bay has produced Gummy shark and good Flathead out of Rhyll

Port Phillip bay has good Salmon down near the heads on Squid lures

Lake Eildon has some trout to 1 kg being landed around the power lines on Tassie Devils

Lake Eppalock is still rather quiet with the ater down to 9% but persistant anglers trolling are landing the odd good Yellowbelly to 8lb