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Quite a few members fished our monthly targeted species comp over September

1st - Frank saunders winning the comp with the largest trout caught on a lure

2nd - Florian Karwacki with 51.5cm

3rd - Daryll O,neill 35cm


Franks Fish

Open photo



  Results of last nights comp GDAC V Police Angling Club

G D A C had 9 members Police had 10 members . Good For us we won comp with 13.040 K G  . Police
7.870 K G .  Thanks to Frank Saunders 2 fish one of 6.130 kg & one of 2.330
kg & Scott one fish of 3.400 .     The comp for our club was 1st Frank , 2 nd Scott, 3rd Tony .
  Weather for the night was good till the wind changed to the north east .
  Come to meeting tonight & Frank will tell you where they caught their fish
.   Tom .












Members had a trip to Gippsland with quite a few bream being landed. Allan more won the comp with a nice bag of 5 bream weighing in at 5.4kg



Weipa 15. A Journey to Far North Queensland.



On 8th April 2014, Heather caught a 1.17 meter Barramundi at Gladstone Queensland. A photo of this magnificent fish was circulated, Richie got the itchies and put out a feeler to see who was interested in a new adventure.

Within 24 hours, Weipa 15 was born!


The Crew.  Richard Knight,Conway Knight,Sandra Knight,Peter Meneghetti,Bob Brown,Denis Rowlands,Greg Hayton Tim and Heather Scale, Howard Gault. 


Early Preparation.

Richie set the wheels in motion with a booking of the houseboat "Tilltoo" operating out of Weipa.Flight bookings were made in June and so began the planning and organization essential for a trip of this nature.


Background to the area.

Weipa is situated on Cape York, 200km from the northernmost tip of Australia and 200km across from the east coast of the continent.

It was first noted by Dutch explorers in the "Duyfken" which put ashore in 1606 at a spot in Albatross Bay now marked by Duyfken Point.

Mathew Flinders didn't come along till 1802 when the extremely red cliffs were noted in his journal.It was not until 1902 that the element for Aluminum, Bauxite, was recorded.Studies were conducted in 1947 but even then, nothing of a commercial nature was done until 1956 when Comalco was formed.They are now owned by Rio Tinto who actually govern the town.There is a long history of development but suffice to say here, the area is now the worlds largest producer of Bauxite and supports a population of around 3000.


Getting Closer.

In January 2015, a meeting was held at Portsea where we caught up with an experienced Weipa fisho who outlined much interesting stuff for us.

On 19th March we assembled at Heather and Tim's to consolidate rod packaging and food and drink provisioning.Orders were then placed with the houseboat folk to arrange the supplies.

Excitement is building!!


We're off.

We boarded the Qantas 737 on Easter Monday 6th April, almost 12 months to the day from when Heather's fish was caught , the Adventure had begun. Cairns, Brisbane and finally Weipa at around 7pm saw us picked up by the Troopie and taken to the camping ground where we bunked for the night in cabins.


First impressions.

Hot and humid but a few coldies, a nice meal and some laughs soon fixed that, we are all pumped and the feeling is one of expectancy.

Back to our cabins and most were tucked up by around 11 or so.


Tuesday. Early - extremely early !! 

Denis announces to the world that he is going for a shower! Greg joins him and they have a loud discussion about I dunno what until they are politely (?) told that it is precisely 4.20am and it would be a good idea to relax a bit, we are not due at the houseboat till 7 am.Eventually they jump back into the cot but sleep is now gone and we all pile out around 5.45am.

Down to the dock in the Troopie and meet up with "Tillytoo" our home for the coming week.

Some head to the supermarket for balance of supplies while others are on board for vessel induction.Eventually everything is loaded and Captain Rich is at the wheel as we head to Roberts Creek to moor up. 

We were able to start fishing around 2 30 pm and several exploratory trips were made in the Tenders which were solid and well equipped with 60 hp Yammies. Conway picked up a Mangrove Jack and Denis a meter Queenie. Some exciting fishing was had from the stern deck of Tilly, several species were landed with Heather managing a 7kg Long Tail Tuna and a Black Tip Shark. Blue decked a number of Blue Salmon and a Black Tip as well.

As a storm was brewing, we moved to a more sheltered anchorage for the night.



On advice of the houseboat people, we moved into the Mission River to their anchorage about a kilometer from the bridge and went searching for Barra around the pylons. The Mission Bridge is an impressive structure at 1.2 km overall with a single lane and a line for the rail link for carriage of the ore from Andoom to the port. The trains consist of 33 trucks and seem to be running consistently over the 24 hours. We all got absolutely smashed around the pylons without managing to sight anything - this was a very steep learning curve !!

Back at the Tilly, we watched a very large shark circling about 40 meters from the boat.It was quite a sight with the big dorsal fin gliding through the water, like some thing out of the movies.

After a few coldies we settled down to some magic hamburgers with the lot, preceded by Heathers Tuna.which she had sliced for great Sushi with Sandy's special Wasabi sauce. More Blue Salmon were landed from the stern, these are a form of Threadfin and give a pretty energetic fight at around 60 cms.



Hot and humid again and all on the move by 6 am.All Tenders had success with some of the more notable fish being a Hammerhead  Shark for Greg and Con managing a nice bag including three undersize Barra.Some of us took advantage of a heavy rain squall to have a tub n scrub, we have to be careful with our freshwater usage. Fish and chips with salad and with after dinner drinks, you could even say that some had a "big" night.



Most of us went up the Andoom River, casting and trolling for Barra but without success. This is typical North  Queensland crocodile country country and we felt like we were in Croc City. However we did not sight any.

Big Den managed to go overboard up there (too long a story to go into here) but reliable sources said he was close to walking on water to get back in (he insists that his crew were actually motoring away from him).

This became a hilarious story in the telling and thankfully that's all it was, we are all mindful that these are very dangerous waters.

That evening Tim n Heather had another go at the bridge where Tim managed to bring a Barra alongside before dropping it. Blue managed to spike himself on a Catfish which was very painful but immediate action by Pete and Rich settled things down and all was well after a few hours.



Mission Bridge has been a very good mooring but the plan is to move back out to sea about 45 km up the coast to Boyd Point. This was a good time for us to catch up on a few things with gear and such. They have a secure mooring up here and the coastline  is startling in it,s pristine beauty, the bluest of water with white sandy shoreline and magnificent red cliffs colored by the bauxite. Its wild and raw Australia as it has been forever, I'm in awe of this place and pinching myself that I'm fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria.  

We spent the day trolling and reef bashing with Coral Trout,Tusk Fish, Spanish Mackerel and Pike being the better fish on our boat while Bob brought a meter Threadfin alongside and Greg joining with another one.This crew had an excellent day as Denis chimed in  with a number of good fish on the one lure.When we got back to Tilly,Bob ( who had come back earlier) and Sandy excitedly told us about a decent Croc which had cruised past - they had a great view and we were sorry we missed it.

After a long exciting day, most were tired and it was a reasonably quiet night.



Up and about early as we want to leave by 12pm for the long trip back to homebase. The Tenders scattered to various reefs and bars and continued to bring fish in.There were many stories and laughs, too numerous to relate here.Back at Roberts Creek in Weipa for the night with several excellent fish and numerous bustoffs.Pete and Rich fought a 7ft shark for 45 minutes and bought it to the stern before cutting off.



Monday. On the job very early again, cleaned and tidied Tilly and the Tenders, then motored back to the Company mooring. On the way we waited for a huge ore Tanker to clear the channel, a really massive ship.After unloading gear we piled into the Troopie and headed for the Caravan Park for a luxurious shower and cleanup at $4 a pop.

Out to the airport all refreshed and ready for the flight home.We have a  one and a half hour stopover at Cairns airport where Con n Sandy leave us to continue their holiday.This was a good time to enjoy a cold beer and a laugh over a few stories.After not seeing a paper or any news for a week, papers were popular, particularly with Denis who found out his Bombers had beaten Hawthorn.


The End.

Back in Tullamarine at 10.30pm.We all shake hands and head for home.After 12 months in the making, we're done - she's all over .Its amazing how the clock winds down so quickly at the end of a trip, it all seems to come with a rush.


Species Caught.

Blue Salmon, Grunter, Tusk Fish, Coral Trout, Estuary Cod, Catfish, Black Tip Shark, Fingermark, Red Emperor, Long Tail Tuna,

Spanish Mackerel, Pike, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish, Bone Herring, Black Jew,Bull Shark, Shovelnose Shark, Mud Crab, Flathead,,Hammerhead Shark, Spotted Mackerel,Threadfin, Barracouta, Barracuda.

A total of 26 which we were reasonably confident of identifying. We only kept what we could eat, all else returned to water.



Far North Queensland is an amazing place. Sure it's got plenty of stingy and bitey things.It's hot,34 c daily and 23c overnight, sudden rain squalls can drown you one minute,the next you are steaming dry as the sun comes back.You daren't put a toe in the water much less swim. For all that it has an allure that is difficult to explain, you really do think that this is the last frontier. The people we met were  down to earth, friendly and hardworking. Maybe that's a misnomer, make it "casually busy" when they need to be, they call it Tomorrow Land, as in "let's do it tomorrer"

Weipa is a mining town - and doesn't pretend to be anything else and exists only for Bauxite ore.The Caravan Park is spacious and pleasant with beautiful tropical growth and the Clubs are excellent.

You are struck by the sheer extent of the landscape, it's vast. The Mission River is like an inland sea, we thought the Macarthur River at King Ash Bay on the other side of the Gulf was big but the Mission makes it look like a creek.


Finally, The Crew.

This is the second time I have been lucky enough to explore the Top End with them, it has been a privilege to share it again with my best mates.  

The Cook. Sandy continued to provide us with a great table and the evenings on the top deck were memorable.

To Richard, thanks from all of us for the idea,your direction and your organization.


In a quiet moment at the end, Bob said to me "How lucky are we to be doing this stuff together?"

Nothing else needs to be said.




Hi  We had our annual  trip to Geelong  Sunday ,to fish Corio Bay we had 7 members fish. The weather was kind , we had a light north east  wind .Some of us tried  to catch a Snapper on first light then we went over to Whiting not a lot caught , but Allan caught a King George  & a Grass Whiting on soft plastis  .The  main catch on the day was Flathead.  Allan & Mark Know how to fish soft  plastis better than most, any one that would like to try have a talk to them.  Winners on the day First: Allan  Moore

Second: Mark Hall

Third: John Dafilis


Then  we went back to Margaret & Keith's for a beer or coke & a BBQ

Thanks Marg & Keith    It was good to get together & have a talk after a days

fishing. Tom



Hi to all Members and Friends,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their collective efforts around the club this year particularly in times of loss and sadness.


It has also been pleasing to see the attendance at working bees undertaken and the amount of progress achieved around the property. During the coming year we will be striving to increase our membership and attendances at ordinary fortnightly meetings.


Throughout the coming year your committee will be addressing some important maintenance issues i.e. replacing fridges, upgrading/replacing toilet suites and working towards having the floor surface redone.


On that note on behalf of myself and all committee members we wish you, your families and friends







Rob MacGibbon


Greensborough & District Angling Club Inc.




WE had your annual comp Gdac/ Police  Wednesday the wind was a littler stronger than was forecast but we all still fished Brian & Florian went home about 8pm  We had 14 members fish for us, 7 of witch belong to both clubs. Not a lot of fish caught a lot only had 1or2  Ken Walker & John Dafillis were the only ones to bag out , John fished down south 32 klms.

G D A C won COMP , Thanks  to  Adam Tyrell  7035 kilo,  John Dafillis  6035 kilo,  Paul Bof   5970 kilo,   Paul boat only took one fish,,  Johns boat bagged out .

Adam  fished with his dad John  they caught 5 fish on the last move at about 9pm .    It was nice to  see Conway Knight fishing with Denis .

3 best fish for the police  was Colin Moore  4830 kg,  John Cranston  4580 kg & a 4490 kg . Because it was not a club comp only the 3 biggest fish were weighed  . Tom



10 Members headed to Rye for a squid comp with most members getting a few with some having a bag to weigh in.

1st Allan Moore

2nd Florian Karwacki

3rd Trevor Lewis



23,24 /8/14

Members had a trip to Lake Toolondo and had a great weekend. All members landed fish with som reaching 2.5kg and 60cm long.



Sunday afternoon saw ten members head out from St. Kilda marina in almost perfect conditions in search of a few fish. Strangely enough a thick sea fog rolled in quite quickly but thankfully dissopated a little later in the afternoon. Most members headed towards black rock in search of a few winter pinky snapper that frequent the bays inshore reef systems. There were many undersized pinkys about with a few 28 to 34 cm fish mixed in.

Sammy the seal was out for a feed of fresh snapper and it was heart breaking to watch swoop at the last minute taking some of the better fish hooked.

Most fish were taken on soft plastic style lures with the berkly 3inch gulp minnow a standout.

The largest pinky was 49cm / 1.270kg taken by Allan Moore.

All in all it was an enjoyable afternoon on the water in cool but calm conditions.



1st- Allan Moore - 5 pinkys - 2.490kg

2nd- Wayne Bradbury/ Hogan - 2 pinkys- 850gms

3rd- Ethan Bradbury/Hogan - 2 pinkys - 640gms



Some 14 members and visitors attended this weekend and stayed at the Eildon caravan Park in town.
Conditions on the Saturday were excellent and most members launched at Jews Creek and heading for the Big River Arm trolling and bubble floating. Perhaps the conditions were too good because most found the Trout hard to find. Only three trout were caught in the lake but Marty snagged a brown  beauty at the pondage which went 57cms. One member decided to go after Redfin for a feed of sweet fish and headed out from the wall, jigging yabbies and worms amongst the trees, with some success.
A very enjoyable dinner was had by all at the pub on satdy night and we looked forward to improving the catch next day.
This was not to be with only Alan and Marty scoring a trout each.
Weighin and barby was back at the Rotunda by the Pondage and final results were

!st  Blue Gault with four Reddies at 1.4 meters, best fish @ 43 cms.
2nd Martin Dawes, two Browns at 1.065 meters, best @ 57cms.
3rd  Alan Moore, two Brown @ 725 mm, best @ 385mm.

A couple of fines were registered with one bloke leaving all his food behind and the other arriving without any bedding. No names, no pack drill but they were duly noted for assessment in a couple of months time!     





The club's annual casting Comp was held at Yarrambat Park on Sunday 6th March on a bright sunny day and conditions were excellent for the 14 participants and half a dozen visitors, which included Jeremy Schrader, an Australian casting champion of some note.
Jeremy went thru the basics of best technique and then demonstrated by casting into the next suburb, it's amazing how far he can throw that piece of lead. Jokingly I said have you ever sunk any boats and quite seriously he said "Almost, I've put holes in a couple!!
Well we got stuck into it and the following were the individual section winners.

Longest Cast.

4oz Anthony "Alby" Hocking 113 mts
2 oz Anthony Hocking 101 mts

Accuracy Casting.

Russell Conway 2.2 mts from the pin.
Alby Hocking 1.3 " " " "
Alan Moore 800mm " " "

Target Casting

Bluey 6 hits
Russell 7 "
Alan 12 "

Overall winner was

1st Allan with 9 points
2nd Anthony "Alby" Hocking with 8 points
3rd Florian and Russell were equal on 3 points.

It is worth mentioning that Florian "The Sheikh" brought his son Paul along and he competed as a visitor. Just as well because he donged us in the long casts with a 4 oz throw of 124 mts and a 2 oz of 101 mts. The fact that he is taller than his old man helps with the leverage we reckon !!
We finished with a barby for the announcements and it was an enjoyable few hours, as usual.


Our annual trip to Bemm River took place on 8th/10th March and 14 members attended.
The weather was kind and we fished under good conditions all weekend.
All up we weighed in 81 Bream
21 Flathead
2 Trevally
1 Taylor

Total of 105 fish for 61.97 Kg. Nearly all of the Bream were released.
Biggest Bream was Tim Plummers at 1.22 Kg knocking off Alan's from the day before, the Prez was not impressed.
Biggest Flattie was Wayne Bradbury-Hogans at 880 Kg.
Final results were 1st. Alan Moore 10 Bream. 3 Flathead. 1 Trevally. For 8.83 Kg
2nd. Mark Hall. 9 Bream. 4 Flathead. 1Taylor. 8.00 Kg
3rd. Wayne Hogan 10 Bream 3 Flathead.
Special mentions to Kath Lewis and Bill Fleming who finished very close for third.
We finished the comp on Sunday night this year which was good because all members were in attendance for the results without being in a rush to get on the road. This meant that we could fish on Monday morning and knock off at a time which suited us individually.
Alan finished on a high note with a 44 cm horse of a Bream and gave a bit back to " Big Fish" Plummer after copping a fair serve earlier.
Bill and Blue witnessed what they thought was the return of Alby Mangels on Monday morning when they spotted Anthony Hocking striding out into the channell in the briefs in all his glory.Then we realised that it wasn't a beautiful blonde in his boat but none other than Florian "The Shiek" Karwacki ! An interesting experience to say the least and Alby, you,ve earned a new name son!
Pix may be available at a later date.
As usual a great weekend and the mate ship we always enjoy together makes The Bemm a very special place.



We had a total of 9 member fish the yarra of which it was a lovely morning.
There were a few fish caught on the day several Macquarie Perch were caught on worms, a redfin was caught, a carp was caught and a Brown trout was caught although all under our club size of 30cm unfortunately. There was 1 Murray Cod caught on the Day that was size caught using cheese.

We all met back at the Club at 1pm and had a great BBQ organised by the Social Club.
A Big Thanks to Michael & Rob for organising the BBQ and cooking the meat, Lee for being the Captain and organising the trip and everyone else for participating and others who came to the BB for what was a great morning/afternoon.


Yesterday we had a BREAM Land based comp down the Maribyrnong River , it was a lovely morning until the wind kicked in and the conditions became a lot more challenging . There were quite a few bream caught on the day which was great although most were just undersize the 28cm minimum.

All up I believe about 14 bream were caught on the day and 1 eel.
Most fish were caught using raw chicken , prawns and sand worm.

There was just one bream weighed in that was 29cm at 360grams caught on raw chicken out the front of the Essendon Angling Club by Lee Brickell.


Last Sunday 19/01/14 we had a Whiting Comp launching out from Hastings, The Weather was okay at about 10-15 Knots but the wind was against the tide which made for lots of boats swinging round on the water. The Fishing was pretty slow with lots of Water between Fish but they were out there if you kept moving round looking for them as lots of other boats out got fish.

Michael did best on the Day Catching 11 King George Whiting and everyone else just got a handful although a few good size flathead were also caught also and kept for the dinner table.

The results are as follows:

1st Michael O'Connell - 11 X Whiting = 2.2Kgs
2nd Trevor Lewis - 9 X Whiting = 1.7 Kgs
3rd Chris O'Connell - 5 X Whiting =0.850 grams

Thanks to everyone else for participating Bill, Lee, Adam, John, Tony & his Guest.


Last Sunday we had a Snapper Comp launching out from St Kilda, The Weather was fine at just under 10 Knots and surprisingly not many boats out compared to other days. The Fishing was pretty slow action with lots of Water between Fish and most were caught out deep early morning .

Ron did best on the Day Catching the 2 Snapper ( one at about 4.9kgs) and dropped another bigger fish and released two smaller snapper at 50cm hoping for bigger fish and we caught 2 undersize 7 gilled sharks and a few flathead.

The results are as follows:

1st Ron Mallet - 2 X Snapper = 8.5Kgs
2nd Chris O'Connell - 1 X Snapper = 3.85 Kgs
3rd Luke Byron - 1 X Pinkie =0.53kgs


Hello to all GDAC members though I would share a few of the highlights of our trip to Jindabyne. Laura and I left on Thursday and stayed at Khancoban Alpine Inn, the rooms were very good and rump steak for $16-00. On the way to Khancoban almost scored 2 little does .On leaving Khancoban on Friday Al had left his fridge on over night and his battery was as dead as a maggot ,after jump starting Al I nearly took out caravan half way along the Alipine way,we arrived at Jindabyne in the afternoon. I got little Dolphin ready for assault on Saturday.Got blown off the water on Saturday afternoon ,all day Sunday and it was still windy on Monday. Monday was very relaxed got up 0830 and had a line in by 10 am and had 2 nice browns by 11 am and went back to pack up around 1pm not bad for few hours fishing. Laura got her first brown in comp 1.15 kg.We managed 3 for total of 4kg.We left Jindabyne with snow falling and lake that was morrow glass ,typical the weather is always better when your going home. We took the long way home via Bemm. The fishing at Bemm and Marlo was dead. the bush flies were extremely irritating and I would have paid $100.00 for hat with corks. I was trying to do a turn with the boat at Dollies Garden, jack knifed the boat and cracked my right hand rear tail light. All and all we had a great time, nice to be back on the water after long absence.


Greensborough Angling Club had its annual trip to Khancoban in NSW with 15 members and 2 guests. This comp is a measure only competition.The fishing was tough for all the guys but most caught some fish. Lure fishing was extremly hard with no weed in the lake at all after it had been drained and died off which gave the resident fish no cover. All members turned to fishing mudeyes and scrub worms to try and temp these trout into biting.


1st: Tim Plummer

2nd: A Moore

3rd: B Fleming


Four intrepid (some would say stupid) members ventured to the Patterson River on Sunday with a cold and wet day looming. Surprisingly the day was reasonably mild, which brought out a lot of bank fishers, but not many fish. We toiled for six hours or so in very muddy water with a variety of baits, all to no avail.
Not much to talk about so the results were as follows.
1st Mick O'Connell 4 bites.
2nd Blue and Ronnie, equal with one bite each
3rd Bill Wainwright with an honorable mention -- no bites, but he tried really really hard and cooks a mean sausage!!

We almost disqualified Mick, we reckon any bloke that gets four bites without a hookup doesn't deserve to be mentioned.
He is on Notice!!!!


Seven members journeyed to Eildon on Sunday with a not very encouraging forecast.
Fishing commenced about 7.30am near the bridge and it was immediately evident that the outflow current was not condusive to bubble floating. Worms on the bottom and powerbait were tried without success and after a few hours, moves were made. Only Ron had landed a fish at this stage, on a Tassie Devil and the boys didn't know who got the biggest surprise, him or the fish!!
A move to the Bourke St end saw things still very slow but Blue managed to jag a nice Rainbow on powerbait. Wind had started up by this time, about 12.30, and conditions weren't all that good. Back for the weighin at the rotunda where we found that Florian had landed a fat Brown and dropped a couple of others. By this time the Pondage had almost emptied before our eyes and mud flats and the bottom were evident everywhere. Despite our checking that low outflows were planned, the rate was actually 4000megs and it looked like someone had pulled the plug and it was a poor return for a days fishing.
1st Florian K :Brown Trout@ 1,316 kg
2nd Blue G: Rainbow Trout @ 1.31 kg
3rd Ron M : Rainbow Trout @ 800g
Mick arranged for snags and rissoles and we enjoyed them and a bit of banter before heading home.
Because of the uncertainty of water levels and the effect they have on fish, most of us would be reluctant to schedule the Pondage again, it's just too unreliable.



Newlyns Reservoir

Very cold morning and very slow action a few bites here and there but good to catch up with everyone over a camp fire to keep warm and enjoy some hot food before we left.

Dennis Won the Comp and Blue came second and everyone else a close 3rd with no fish but thanks to those that came. Michael, Chris, Lee, Dennis, John W, Brian, Blue, Tommy, Phil and Florian.

Eight members and one visitor braved the coldest June morning for eleven years to make the trip to Eildon.Because the preceding days had been quite sunny and the forecast was for more of the same ,we felt confident that the day would turn out alright and this proved to be the case.
As it was also the second shortest day of the year, we settled on fishing "Gentlemens Hours" with a 9am start and 2pm weighin which I am sure proved attractive to some.
On the water was very pleasant but only eight fish were eligible to be weighed with five Trout and three Redfin meeting the criteria.
!st Johynny Whitfield 2 Trout @ 1.13kg, with biggest at 750g
2nd Ross Ayton 2 Trout @ 940g
3rd Ron Young 1 Redfin@ 320g

Ken Huston got a 250g Trout and Janine Young a couple of Reddies @510g (as a visitor)
Quite a lot of craft were on the water but we didn't see much evidence of any great catches, however as we always say "It sure beats sitting at home in the lounge room "

" May your rods keep bending"


Nine members made the trip to Upper Coliban on Sunday 26th May on a fairly cold day.
Fishing commenced about 8 am and the water was pretty flat, this didn't last long and the wind got up for most of the day.
Small Reddies were a nuisance and the first Trout didn't hit the bank until 10.15am followed by another at 10.30am. The next two were pretty well spaced over next couple of hours and we weighed in at 2pm.
First was John Dafilis with two Browns at 1,2kg, Second Phil Campbell one at 802 grams, third Blue Gault one at 780 grams. All fish were Browns around 43 - 44 cms and caught on Scrubbies.
A barbecue rounded off the day where fish were not plentiful (all were caught in the same small area) but it was good to explore a venue that most of us had not fished before.


G'day folks , just a quick report from bemm.
Once again a great time was had by all. The weather was almost too perfect , but the warm water temp really turned the flathead on. There was a couple of outstanding flathead landed and released by John whitfield with a 780mm model and Wayne Bradbury - Hogan with 670mm fish.
There was some nice bream about , if not a little patchy at times. Trevor Lewis managed the heaviest bream on live prawn - 1.070 , the next heaviest was 1.030 taken on a lure by Allan Moore.
The Bill McDade trophy for the heaviest bag of bream over the weekend was John Whitfield
with eight bream - 5.800kg all taken on vibes.
The open comp. was won by Allan Moore with a total of 7.410kg
2nd John Whitfield - 6.970kg
3rd Wayne Bradbury Hogan- 6.750kg

It was great to see fifteen members and two visitors make the journey.
Its a great social trip where members can get to know each other and enjoy some great angling opportunities in a beautiful location.

Hope to see you all there next year . Cheers - Al moore.



Every year a bunch of mates from the Club venture over to the Tasmanian Highlands for two weeks of fishing for the mighty Brown Trout. It is not a Club event , there is no competition and no points are scored. However the fishing is intense every day and a lot of fish are caught (and many released).
Some of the blokes have been doing this for about 17 years and as bed spaces are limited it is difficult to add to the numbers.
We stay at a Vietnam Veterans Bush Retreat at Dago Point on the banks of Lake Sorrell which was one of Tasmania's premier fisheries when the Lodge was built around 22 years ago.Sadly due to mismanagement of various systems the lake degenerated and became a muddy, dead area of water in which only Carp could survive.This they did to the extent that Lake Sorrell has been closed for fishing for a number of years while a reclamation process is carried out.We are told that this is slowly showing results but it will probably be many years before it returns to it's former glory.
This year we fished the first couple of weeks of February as usual and it was one of the best for many years in numbers caught.The bigger Trout were taken at Woods Lake as usual and this water performed much better than Arthurs Lake. Generally we didn't do well at Arthurs and fortunately the winds for Woods were favorable for most of the fortnight.
The nights at the Lodge are always a enjoyable, we are all good mates and there is much good natured banter By necessity we split into two groups to eat at night, The Beero's and the Quaffers. Beero's need no explanation, the Quaffers are the blokes who enjoy a good drop of Red, much to the ridicule of the other mob. One day we hope to educate them to some of the finer aspects of drinking and dining but it really is a forlorn hope, we haven't made much progress over the years!
We travel over on the daylight Spirit of Tasmania, meeting independently at dockside to board. This year two of the group were held up for reasons we won't go into and the ship sailed off into the wild blue yonder while they sat in their car waving goodbye. Suffice to say it is likely they will never live this down and the Gay Pride March will never be forgiven by the two concerned!!
The trip home is always a highlight as we tend to consume a few and join in the shipboard entertainment. A husband and wife singing duo have got to know us and "the fishermen from Greensborough" always get a mention.
It's a great adventure, one that we all look forward to doing for as long as we are able.

Following are a few pix which give an idea of the idyllic conditions on these lakes.