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2002 Fishing Reports


Snapper have been going well in the bay with fish to 9kg,from StKilda,carrum,mornington,Frankston and Queenscliff

Mornington is also producing gummy sharks and good flathead

Marybrynong River is producing Brem and Mulloway on Sandworm & Bass Yabbies

Westernport is fishing well for Whiting near the bridge on the weed and sand areas

Large snapper to 5kg caught off Lysaughts

Port welshpool is fishing well for snapper to 7.5kg as well as good gummysharks

Eildon pondage is producing Brown and Rainbow Trout to 3kg

**Lake Eppalock Will Have restrictions on it from about the

15th DEC due to low water levels.

1/ As of 1st Dec no bag limits will apply{CHECK WITH VRFISH FOR DETAILS & CONFIRMATION}

2/ There is a speed limit of 5 knots on the entire lake as of 15th Dec

3/ VRFISH say there is a possibility of professional netters being let onto the lake to reduce fish numbers to help them survive in case of very low water levels.



Reports have been good from all around the bay this week with catches of snapper to 4kg

on pilchard , squid and sand whiting

Bemm River is fishing well for perch and Bream

Lake eppalock is producing Redfin and some Yellow belly on worms

Gippsland rivers have a few bream to 800 grms on worm and shell

Eildon pondage has trout to 2kg on mudeyes under a float


Catches of snapper off Mornington are being reported

Redfin are being caught at lake Eppalock to 850grms

Trout at lake eildon have been caught near the Big River area

Eildon Pondage has been producing fish to 1kg on mudeyes

Images of Lake Eppalock at 25% capacity


Khankoban pondage is fishing quiet with only a few good fish coming in to be measured and released to 55 cm

for 3 days of fishing

Squid are being caught at Queenscliff and Mornington to 3kg on squid jigs

pinkies are still going at Black Rock on dusk

Trout are going at Bullen Merri on trolled Tassie devils and King cobras

Salmon are at Kilcunder on the run out to low tide

Good size salmon to 3kg are of Olivers Hill Frankston.


Reports have been good from lake bullen merri with quinnet salmon to 4 lb being caught trolled on Tassie Devils.

Good catches of snapper of Brighton near the chuppa chup bouy.

Good whiting off StLeonards to 36cm

Hotties are still going well for tailor and the odd bream.

Tambo & Nicholson rivers are a bit quiet with only a few bream being caught on worm & shrimp.

Big River arm with trout on tassies.

Trout have been caught in Eildon pondage on mudeyes up to 4lb.