Redfin are also known as English Perch.

They are found in many of the lakes and waterways in the southern areas of Australia where there is a good supply of food. Redfin like to congregate around submerged trees, snags and rocky areas where they can get cover from predators.


Redfin are relatively easy to catch. You can even catch them on a handline or a rod with a soft tip. The lighter the line the better your chance of success. A popular rig is the paternoster rig where your bait is suspended above your sinker. Use a 1/0 size hook when using yabbies or size 6 for worms.

Redfin are also good to catch on lures with blades, small bibbed lures ,soft plastic and Jackalls

It is a good idea to use a bit of red with your lures as it appears to attract the fish. Baltic Bobbers also work well where you put a bobber on your line and bounce the lure up and down near the bottom. Redfin are a lot more active in warmer weather, but you can still get them during the colder months.

Lakes to try around Melbourne are Lake Eildon, Eppalock, Cairn Curren and Lanacoorie reservoir


Best baits for Redfin are yabbies, shrimps, worms.

Redfin are an excellent freshwater table fish.