Snapper are known as pinky's, big reds, Schnapper or just Snapper.

They are found all along the southern coast of Australia from Sydney to Perth.

The bigger Snapper which can be up to 15kg are found along the most southern areas of Australia like Port Albert, Port Phillip and Westernport Bays and more commonly in the Spencer Gulf of Sth Australia around Whyalla.


Snapper feed on small fish , crustaceans and molluscs. They also like other baits which are easier for the angler to get like WA Pilchards, Sand Whiting, Silver Whiting, Squid and Garfish. The freshest bait will catch the biggest fish.


A rod with a reasonably soft tip but plenty of strength in the butt is ideal for these fish. A rod like the Ugly Stick BWS 1101 is a good reference rod. Line of about 15 lb to 20 lb is a good starting point an a reel of the 4000 Size.

Use a running sinker rig with as little lead as possible.

Hook size can vary on the size of fish but a chemically sharpened hook of 3/0 size will do the job.

Hook the bait with the fixed hook just behind the head and the running hook half way down the bait.

Do a half hitch around the tail to finish the presentation off. Cast the bait away from the boat and set the drag as light as possible.

Lure casting with soft plastics in a watermelon or chartruse colour work well when bobbed along the bottom. This works especially well on pinkie snapper.