Australian Salmon are a great sports fish and are found in all of the cooler waters of southern Australia.They grow to a size of up to 6kg but are more common in the 1-2kg range.Tha Salmon are found in schools along the gutters of all the beaches or are found in groups in deeper water as well as along the rocky coast line.


Fishing with a 12ft surf rod off the beach and the rod needs a reasonbly soft tip so you can see the bites.

Line class of 12-15lb is a good start with a 3 oz star sinker and two hooks on a Paternosta rig set up.

If you like to fish off the rocks you can get some good fish.

Fishing out of a boat is also very succesful as well by either trolling or casting lures.Always try and locate a school to make it easier to get a fish. Ways of locating salmon are to look for birds working in the water trying to get bait fish.You may also pick up other fish like King Fish or couta in the same area.


Best baits are Pippies,Squid,Blue bait,Pilchards or you can put on a

Salt water fly.

Salmon like to attack lures as well and some excellent lures around for the salmon are Laser Lures or matal lures coloured silver.

Eating of Salmon is a personal choise. Alot of people make patties out of them and cook them on the bbq.

Some people don`t like them, but you need to try one and see if you do.