Elephant fish are found in the southern parts of Australia.

They are not a very pretty fish with a long nose and a flap on the end.

The Elephant fish will grow to about 1 meter but it is more often  about 500-800mm

They have a smooth skin and are silvery in colour.

One of the best places to catch these fish is in Westernport Bay where the fish move in to spawn in March and April. Keep an eye on the reports page to see when to go.


The are a great sport fish to catch on light line but most people fish with their snapper gear which is 12-15lb line and a running sinker rig. Elephant fish can wear through your line so it is sometimes good to run a heavier leader to help prevent this. Fish when the tide is running as the fish are on the move.


The best baits for Elephant fish are pilchards and squid. Berleying can bring the fish onto the bite.